<img src="https://nonbeenary.com/sam-sarson-davis.jpg" style="float: left; max-width: 200px; padding: 15px;"> Welcome to my home site. This will be my creative home to share all of my latest art, books, poems, projects, games, and other stuff that I come up with. I was originally going to make my own site from scratch, but it was three months later and I still hadn't finished. Anyway - every piece of content on this site is free. If you're feeling so inclined, you can either purchase my stuff at the outbound links (e.g., get my book on Amazon) - or you can[ buy me a coffee over at Ko-Fi](https://ko-fi.com/samsarsondavis). Or do nothing. Idc, I have a job. I'm more interested in content than I am in design for this project, so I decided to bite the bullet and just use [Obsidian](https://obsidian.md)'s Publish feature. I am a moderately rounded creative so you'll find my projects scattered across multiple categories over there on the left: [[Blog]], [[Books]], Games, Poems, [[Short Stories]], Art, [[Science]], and more. In the blog, you'll find pupdates and reflections on current issues. You might even find useful tidbits about my varied interests - like dog sports! We'll see. ## About Sam Sam grew up in New York, surrounded by library books and a loving family. When not at work, Sam enjoys writing, playing soccer, singing, playing video games, cooking, and playing with a horde of animals. Sam believes in building up the next generation of environmental leaders, and focuses their fiction - and non-fiction - on cultivating a sense of wonder and joy in the natural world. In professional life, Sam is a first-generation college graduate and ecologist with deep interests in forests, climate, and equitable science communications. Sam now works at [PFPI](https://pfpi.net) after nearly eight years of leading work on bioenergy, environmental justice, and forest and climate issues at [Dogwood Alliance](https://dogwoodalliance.org/author/sam). Sam received a Ph.D. in Environmental Science from Wright State University specializing in forest floor ecology, invasive species, and climate change. You can read more about Sam's professional life over at [[Science]]. Sam is based in Dayton, Ohio, and on weekends, you'll find Sam enjoying long-distance cycling, art and graphic design, writing, coding, and dog sports. **Sam uses Brad's last name for writing and creative stuff because tbh, Sarson is way cooler than Davis.** ## The Family I write about my pets. It's hard not to when you have one for every month of the year. While our numbers do fluctuate due to bad life choices and hard life choices, right now, we have twelve beautiful souls with us: - [[Desmond]] (12 y.o. black lab looking mutt wonder child) - [[0/Pets/Ladybug|Ladybug]] (7 y.o. demon child black and tan coonhound looking plott hound mix) - [[Luther]] (6 mo old golden retriever, pure, and simple) - Ninja (14 y.o. hellspawn orange street tabby cat) - [[Miss Kitty]] (12 y.o. tailless tortie with lots of attitude) - [[Eris]], Monty, and [[Faye]] (8 y.o. siblings: black, cow cat, and gray tabby; did not roll high on confidence when they were born) - [[Seven]] (7 y.o. black deaf angel child cat) - [[Benny]] (7 y.o. dirty traitor orange and white / creamsicle softest cat you've every touched) - Potato (at least 2 y.o. gray/orange/white calico angel weirdo mama cat) - [[Odin]] (at least 3 y.o. street beast 19 lb black cat with half an eye and a lot of spice) Supporting cast: Brad, in this crazy adventure together since 2012. In loving memory: [[Bud]], [[Cyrus]], [[Maya]], [[Ramses]], [[Uno]], [[Boo]], [[Aunt Sheila]], [[Grandpa]], and [[Uncle Denny]].